Interested in starting a Remodel or Addition Project? R. Clary Builders can help!

Do you feel like you’re falling out of love with where you live? Are you facing changing needs from your home over time? Are you simply looking for a change of design?

No matter what your motivation behind renovating your home, R. Clary Builders is available to provide you with expert advice and support when it comes to both the design and the construction process.

No matter what the scope of your project is, we are here to bring our imagination and love of creation to your dream for your home. Through creative collaboration between you and our team, you’ll find that the final result is a home that will not only be functional but also a space that is sure to have you falling in love with your house once more.

No matter what you’re looking to remodel – from a single room to your entire home – we bring our 30+ years of experience in design and construction to your project. We focus on providing you with what you’re looking for – no matter if you’re looking for additional space in your home because of a growing family, looking to re-envision the design of that pre-built home you just bought, or simply looking to change up the look and feel of your house, the R. Clary Builders team is available to make sure that the process is smooth and easy for you.

We love to work with our clients to create gorgeous and functional spaces that bring dreams to life. No matter what your project is, we approach it with the goal of bringing your unique vision to life, and our designers are on hand to help you create you’re the look you have envisioned, within the budget that you have in mind. 

As experienced Oahu building contractors, we are here to make sure that the project timeline is one that fits your personal schedule. Whether you’re looking for a quick renovation or a more involved project, we do our best to make sure that the schedule matches your personal deadlines. If delays are inevitable, you can be assured of effective communication from us, as well as a timely updates so that you are aware of the revised schedule.

We promise quick and effective communication. No matter what is happening on your project, you’ll be informed immediately. Beyond this, we are always available to talk to you over the phone or email if you’re looking for further updates, and we’re always here to listen to and take into account your inputs. As your project comes together, we know your understanding of it changes and evolves. No matter what you want to discuss, we’re always easy to reach!

At R. Clary Builders, we understand that renovations and building additions often take place in a home you’re currently living in. No construction project can ever promise to be disruption-free. However, as experienced Oahu building contractors, we can promise that we will make sure that any impact on your daily lives during the renovation or building project will be as small as possible.

What does all of this mean for you?

Our experienced and enthusiastic team takes pride in making sure that your home remodel and addition is exactly what you are looking for. When you are turning over your ‘forever home’ to someone to renovate and change, we know you’ll be looking for the best – and with R. Clary Builders’ team of quality craftsmen, designers, and builders, you’ve found just that. If you’re looking for a team of people that will treat your home with the same love and reverence that you hold for it, you’ve found it with us.

For over three decades, we have been the gold standard when it comes to Oahu building contractors. So when you’re looking to renovate or add, look no further than us.