Design Build

Let us handle all the details for you, from start to finish.

Design build is a construction method that is designed to provide a more streamlined approach for any building project. In this approach, there is only one team – the design build team – that provides planning, designing, and construction services in order to create a unified flow of work.


This style is common in non-residential construction projects and is becoming more and more common when it comes to residential buildings as well. If you’re looking for a Kailua design build team, we at R. Clary Builders have got you covered.


You may, however, be wondering why a design build team is the right option for you. In order to understand this, you first need to understand the traditional construction process. 


The traditional building construction process is a 4-step one – you start with hiring a design team and preliminary drawings. Once those are confirmed, the detailed drawings are completed. At this stage, the design process is completed, and you now need to find a construction team that you can contract. It is only once you find this second, construction team, that the actual construction of your home will begin. This process is usually called the design-bid-build method.


In the design build method, however, the third step is eliminated. Because you have contracted a single, design and build team, once the design is finalized, construction starts immediately.


What this means for you is a faster construction process. Not only do you not have to spend time finding another construction company, but the builders are also already familiar with the design and do not have to spend any extra time understanding it.


However, there are several other reasons why a Kailua design build home could be the right choice for you when it comes to building a home. 

As it is the same team that is involved in both the design and building process, you can set costs during the design process by consulting on materials and other elements. The build half of the team is also involved during this process and can chip in with their opinions on the choice of materials, alignment of the floor plan, and so on. This means that there is a lower likelihood of unpleasant surprises that increase your out-of-pocket costs during the actual construction process.

The ability of the design and build parts of the single team to collaborate during both the design process and the construction process means that the entire project takes on a far more collaborative and dynamic structure. Each part of the team is able to chip in with their perspectives, allowing for an easier response to challenges during the building of your home.


This constant communication can also allow for a more creative process. Design build teams don’t simply meet minimum design requirements, they also meet performance needs. The constant collaboration between both sections of the construction process often results in innovations that help deliver a better final project.


Design build teams are also experts in both fields, designing, and construction. By hiring a team of designers that think like builders and builders that think like designers, you ensure that they have a much better understanding of the flow of the project, and how it comes together in the end. 


During the design build process, there is only one team that is accountable for the entire project. Everything from the cost to the timeline, to the final deliverable, is their responsibility. This means that they are able to take into account any possible pitfalls and barriers early in the project’s timeline, allowing for a smoother delivery schedule. 


What this means for you is that a design build team from R. Clary Builders can help ensure that your home building or renovation project is completed without any shortcuts or at excess cost to you. Our design build ensures that your home is built in the best and most time- and cost-effective manner, under the support of a team that works smoothly and effectively together.