Custom Homes

Custom Homes is what we specialize in. We work with you to create the home of your dreams.

Close your eyes.

Can you imagine your dream home? Have you already designed it, down to the very last detail?

If that sounds like you, R. Clary Builders’ Kailua custom homes are just the thing for you!

Custom homes allow you the chance to create something that is both unique and completely your own. These homes are built to your specifications – from the wall trims to the cabinetry, the flooring to the exterior look, you have a hand in everything.

These homes provide several benefits for homeowners. It allows you to get exactly what you want – everything in your home is created to suit your needs. This means that if you’ve ever dreamt of your home having a detail or an amenity that is uncommon in pre-built homes, it doesn’t matter – you can still make sure that you can avail of that.

If you need a particularly large bathroom, rooms built to custom dimensions, a home office furbished exactly to your requirements – whatever you’re looking for, you can find with a custom home.

It also allows you the chance to experiment with décor elements so that you can create a home that perfectly matches your sense of style. Want a large bathtub to be the focal point of your master bedroom? Do you have heirloom furniture that you want to showcase in a dedicated room? No matter your décor choices, a custom home can help to ensure that your style is truly reflected in your home.

Initially, a custom home may seem pricier than a pre-built one. However, the fact is no matter how close it is to your desires, pre-built homes often involve some amount of upgrades, repairs, or design changes. You will also need to work around the limitations of the home, which can make it more challenging to stay in budget.

When it comes to custom homes, however, you get to create a design that fits your needs entirely, from scratch. You are operating with a blank canvas, which makes it easier for you to find solutions that fit both your requirements and price point.

More than that, you can also ensure the quality of the build – it allows you the certainty that your new home is exactly how you envisioned it, down to the very last detail.

No matter the size of your lot, a Kailua custom home can help you make the most of your space. Pre-built homes and packaged homes offer you little flexibility when it comes to taking advantage of the whole package of land.

You can design your home to make use of as much or as little of the land as you want – you can ensure wide-open gardens and backyards, or make sure your home is as expansive as possible. Furthermore, you can customize the design of the floor space to make sure the inside of your home is oriented to the natural features of your land. For example, you may choose to locate your master bedroom in a part of the home with lesser direct sunlight, while the kitchen and living areas get the most of the natural light.

Making the most of your lot can also help you ensure privacy. Clever usage of the land will allow you to arrange features like privacy fences, tall trees, and home design in order to create a home that is as private as possible. Custom homes can also help maximize privacy in the interior of your home – you can arrange your bedrooms far from living areas, for example, or ensure space between each bedroom, based on your preference.

A custom home is sure to be a truly special one for any homeowner – it is built to your requirements, and will therefore also be a sentimental space for you. Custom homes allow you to make your lot a home from the build up, and R. Clary Builders allows you to create custom homes that are sure to meet your dreams.