Package Homes

We have a catalog of Package Homes that you can choose from. We'll help you find one that fits your needs.

Designing a home is not for everyone. 


The last thing many people are looking for is the time that goes into creating a completely custom home design. This type of home can be time-consuming and require a far larger head-on investment. It also requires homeowners to have a significant idea of just what type of home they are looking for.


However, this isn’t the case for all homeowners. At R. Clary Builders, we know that sometimes, a custom build isn’t what you’re looking for – whether it’s because of tight timelines, budgets, or simply a preference for a pre-created design, package homes can be the right choice for many people.


R. Clary Builders comes with over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. During our long years in this space, we have created homes that we also felt would be attractive to a wider audience. 


After making necessary design modifications and refinements to those plans, we can now offer customers the option to choose between several Kailua package homes. 


These homes are designers we have worked with for many years. Through experience, we know they are appealing to a wide variety of people and fit the island lifestyle very well. 


One of the biggest advantages of package homes is that they are often suited to a wider variety of budgets than custom homes. This is because package homes allow us to bulk order materials, which in turn helps you reap the benefits of these savings.


These homes also come with the promise of functionality. As they have already been “tried out” and refined, you can choose a package home with the certainty that you are unlikely to face functional difficulties that you may not have thought of and adjusted for in a custom home. The identical floor plans have been proven to work, so you’re unlikely to wake up one day to realize that the distance between the bathroom and your bedroom is far too inconvenient, or that your kitchen is not close enough to the living area.

Our package homes are constantly updated to allow for contemporary needs when it comes to building a home. These homes are cost-effective but are also far more energy-effective than you might think. For example, having a familiar design helps reduce contraction waste in terms of how much material is ordered and the lack of risk of being left with unnecessary materials


We also understand that some level of customization will always hold an appeal for homeowners. Package homes come with identical floor plans, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have an opportunity to make it your own and unique. 


You can create a customized look in several ways, including painting the exterior a different color, and designing the interior floor space in such a way that it emphasizes all the unique aspects of you. A strong décor style, for example, can help you claim your home in a far more convincing manner than a unique floor plan would. You can also customize the yard and backyard space in order to bring your own personality to your lot.


The affordability of a package home means that it is a choice for all types of homeowners – whether you’re looking at a first home, to upgrade from your current home, or simply looking for a new space, you can find what you need with R. Clary Builders’ Kailua package homes. 


We offer a variety of package homes, so you can shop from our catalog and find the one that best fits your budget and style requirements. These homes are an especially ideal choice if you can’t think of how you’d go around designing a custom home – with these homes; we’ve done the work for you. 


No matter what your motivation behind choosing a package home, R. Clary Builders has something that will fit every need.