Kitchen/Bath Remodels

From kitchen to bath remodels, you'll love the hard work and details we put into every job.

More often than not, home renovations creep up on you. 


What this means is that you find yourself looking at not just a single renovation project, but a series of larger ones. Sometimes, this can even more a whole-house renovation.


These types of large renovation projects can be challenging to tackle, even by experienced builders. It requires the people you hire to be skilled at juggling several balls at the same time and having a deep understanding of how work in one area of your home can affect their entire project.


At R. Clary Builders, we have decades of experience with large and whole home renovation projects.


Our team is not only skilled at following your directions and brief, our experience helps transform your home from the inside and out. When working on your Kailua renovation projects, we are skilled at making sure that you get what you need out of your home, while ensuring that all the unique parts of your home that you first fell in love with are preserved. 


We work to not only change your home’s short fallings but also to enhance its best features. No matter what style of renovation you’re looking for – from opening up your floor plan to enhancing the old world charm of an older home – our skilled team will make sure that the result is the home of your dreams.


Are you looking to take advantage of the space in your home and create an open plan kitchen-living room? Or filling in those hidden nooks and crannies around the house with personalized custom features? Our design-build team helps you create everything from a wine cellar to a library nook, or re-fit your bathroom for that enormous bathtub you’ve always wanted.

Instead of breaking up your home renovation project between multiple contractors and builders, hiring a construction company skilled at whole house renovations can have multiple benefits. A single company helps ensure that your designers have a well-rounded understanding of what you are looking to achieve with your home renovation, and can communicate with the builders effectively instead of having to coordinate between multiple teams.


Beyond this, a single team helps to ensure that your home renovation is completed under a single, unified aesthetic. Multiple design and build teams can result in a lack of cohesion, a mish-mash of different architectural styles, and clashing aesthetics that leave you even less satisfied with your home that you were before the renovation began. 


As experienced Kailua renovators, our approach to home renovation means that no matter how large or small the renovation project, we work with the aesthetic you are looking for, in a way that ensures a cohesive story across your home. A cohesive aesthetic can help you reconnect with your home and fall in love with it again, and no matter what style you’re looking for, our team at R. Clary Builders is here to help.


In our experience, some of the most common renovation projects involve bath and kitchen renovations. We understand that your needs change are your family evolves – wider kitchens and more personalized bathrooms become the norm for expanding families. We are skilled in helping you fit these changes into the style of the rest of your home, and renovate parts of your home in such a way that it seems like a seamless part of a greater whole.


No matter what you’re looking for from your home renovation – up to and including an update to your house’s exterior façade – our team at R. Clary Builders is up to the challenge. Contact us to get started today!