Living Room Essentials for Your Kaneohe Custom Home

Open concept floor plans are a popular and classic part of many Kailua Custom Homes. However, one of the many concerns that people have when they are considering an open floor plan for their own home is that it can lack the coziness that many people prefer to have in their own homes.

If you’re wondering how to combine a love of an open concept floor plan with a desire for a cozy and comfortable home, don’t worry – these tips and tricks will help make any open floor plan seem warm and comforting!

  • Area Rugs

Area rugs can help you define spaces and help to reinforce the purpose of the space. As open floor plans do not separate the spaces into different spaces, area rugs can help define what any given space is meant for, from a living room to a dining room or even a bedroom if your open concept home includes a bedroom as part of the wide space.

  • Wall Details

Bare walls can be bleak and without personality. Adding art to your walls can add color and personality, so even though you have fewer walls to work with, you should consider adding art in order to define spaces. 

For people who prefer not to or cannot add art to their walls, another option is to use paint to create two-tone walls. They can add a layer of dimension to the space without being too overwhelming, and you can personalize your paint choices to fit your own unique style. 

  • Natural Materials

Using materials like exposed brick, wood, rattan, and other organic materials can be an easy way to add a sense of comfort to your space. Depending on your style, these can serve as a way to accent the space or can be a central theme for your home. 

For open floor plans with fireplaces, you can add nature to the room by using a natural stone hearth. If you’d prefer using these materials in smaller doses, consider décor pieces like a reclaimed wood table or bookcase, or even something as simple as a small wicker basket to hold blankets or other soft furnishings.

  • Conversation Areas

Open concept floor plans can sometimes make it difficult to carry on a conversation if furniture is set too far apart from each other. Aside from being inconvenient, conversations over a distance can feel impersonal and lacking in intimacy. If your open space is large, consider creating a few small conversation areas around the space instead of a larger seating arrangement. Not only will it make it easier to hold a conversation, it can also make the space feel cozier.

If you’re considering taking the leap and thinking of an open floor plan for your own home, contact R. Clary Builders  – we would love to answer any questions that you may have!