Hawaii Home Remodels: Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Walk-In Closet

Hawaii Home Remodel

Walk-in closets can help make organizing your clothes and accessories easier. Without an organization system in place, however, they can easily become a cluttered mess instead.

One of the most popular additions for those considering a Hawaii home remodel is a walk-in closet. Whether you’re installing a large or small closet, walk-in closets are often considered an effective way to organize your clothing and accessory storage.

However, without a streamlined system in place, it is easy for a closet to turn from a place of organization to a clutter of clothes, shoes, and accessories that can make it difficult to find anything. To make sure your walk-in closet doesn’t go from dream to chaos, here are some easy tips to keep your closet organized:

  1. Build a Space for Yourself:

Create space for yourself in your closet. After a long day, it’s easy to feel like you should simply toss your day’s laundry into the closet instead of putting it aside in an organized manner.

A way to counter this is to make your closet a place you want to spend time in. Create space for a sofa or an armchair, as well as a closet island/dresser. The island will double as more storage space, and a cozy space for yourself will motivate you to spend time in your closet, organizing and putting away your clothes.

  1. Use Your Wall Space:

Install wall shelves and use all your available vertical space to make the most of your closet. A wall shelf will allow you to have your most used items out for easy access while also making use of your closet space.

If you’ve got any free vertical space, including any empty wall space not occupied by your closet system or shelving, fill it with hooks to hang your favorite accessories. It’s a fun way to organize your hats, necklaces, bags, and scarves, while also doubling as changeable décor for your closet.

  1. Purge on Schedule:

Create a schedule for when you will go through and clean your closet. Depending on how often you purchase new clothes and accessories, this can be anywhere from every six months to once a year.

Having a set schedule means that you’re more likely to stick to it. Cleaning your closet means that your clear up all accumulated clutter, making sure it doesn’t build up and get out of hand. Make sure you know what you plan to do with the items you want to get rid of – donate, sell as secondhand clothes, or simply throw away. Having a set purpose will also help you stick to your goal.

A walk-in closet can help make sure that you an ample amount of space for your belongings. As you get ready for your Hawaii home remodel, speak to your interior designer and building contractors to make sure that you’re making the most of your closet space with the storage solutions you’re planning to install. You can contact R. Clary Builders at (808) 263-4463 or info@rclarybuilders.com. – we would love to answer any questions that you may have!