Altering an Existing Floor Plan with Custom Home Builders in Hawaii

Custom Home Builders Hawaii

A question that many people often pose to their custom home builders in Hawaii is whether it is possible to alter their floor plan once their home is constructed.

Often, you may find yourself unexpectedly in need of extra space in your home. Alternatively, you may simply be looking for a change. Regardless of your reasoning, if you find yourself looking to alter the look and feel of your home without having to rebuild, there are several options that you can go with.

Attic Renovations offer a great way for you to add living space to your house without needing to substantially alter your existing home design. Attics tend to run the length of the house, which means that they offer a lot of space for adding multiple rooms, including home offices, home theatres, bedrooms, and bathrooms (which are some of the most common additions to a home).

Garage Refurbishments allow you to transform unused garage space into a party room, man cave, or even an extra bedroom. Renovating your garage is a great way to add extra living space without making major modifications to your home. Remember to make sure that your garage is wired with electricity, insulated, and has plumbing for a bathroom if needed, especially if you’re looking to add an extra en-suite bedroom with your renovation.

Deck Additions allow you to merge the indoors with the outdoors. They can be an effective way to natural light to smaller homes with limited natural light as they are normally connected to your house with glass doors. Depending on weather, you can also transform your deck into an outdoor dining area. A major advantage of adding a deck to your home is that they also significantly increase the value of your house if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

Redoing Your Basement allows you to add a significant amount of living space to your home. Basements serve as a wonderful way to add a guest bedroom or home office to your house, and can also serve as a playroom for your children. You may need to consider zoning and permitting requirements when redoing your basement, as well as plumbing and electricity. However, they offer a lot of bang for your renovation buck, and can also add value to your home’s resale value.

Building Upwards allows you to create a lot of living space. Furthermore, adding a floor (or more than one!) to your home also allows you a lot more freedom over a new floor plan and general home design. You will need to consult with your contractors to decide if this is possible given your home’s existing structure. However, should you decide to add a floor, it offers you a great chance to add to your house.

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