Kaneohe Remodeling with Concrete Countertops

Kaneohe Remodeling

Concrete countertops are an increasingly popular customization option when it comes to new home builds or home renovations. The appeal is evident – these can be used in most spaces in your home, from your kitchen, bathrooms, and outdoor areas, to home bars and offices.

Furthermore, the options when it comes to customizing your concrete countertops are endless – you can select everything from color, shape, edge profiles, embeds, and surface polish. They can even be designed to replicate the look of other materials, like granite, marble, or even wood, allowing you to match your countertops to any décor style that you may choose for the rest of your home.

These countertops are durable and last forever – the concrete mix usually includes glass fibers, allows for both strong and lightweight surfaces that are much less like to crack when compared to any other material.

However, one of the most pressing concerns when it comes to concrete countertops is cleanliness. If you’re used to tile or marble, it can be a concern to get used to cleaning a new countertop material. While an understandable worry, it is also an easily addressed one – concrete countertops are actually very easy to clean. All you need are some basic cleaning materials, and you can make sure your countertops are spick and span again in a simple, two-step process.

So if you’re planning Kaneohe remodeling for your home, and looking to customize with concrete countertops, here’s how you clean them:

• Use regular soap and water for best effect. Before you start using cleaning supplies, make sure your countertops are free of dry debris. Once that is done, apply dish soap and water to a sponge, and scrub your countertops thoroughly. You shouldn’t need anything harsher than regular dish soap. Once you have scrubbed the countertop, rinse the sponge off any remaining soap, and use it to remove the bubbles and soap on the countertop, as well as any leftover debris that has collected.

• Once your countertops are clean, it’s time to disinfect it. Mix ¼ cup rubbing alcohol with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle, and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil is you want to add a scent in. Spray down your countertops, wait for a few minutes, and then wipe away any leftover alcohol solution. Dry your counters using a dishtowel.

Concrete countertops do tend to vulnerable to stains. If you’re looking to wipe away any persistent stains, you will need to regularly reapply sealer and wax in order to protect the surface of your counters. Also, be sure to clean away any spills or messes immediately, to prevent the stain from sinking through. For any other questions that you may have about customizing with concrete countertops, speak to your builders or contractors.

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