The Essential Home Builders Checklist

Oahu Building Contractor

If you are planning to renovate your house or trying to fulfill your dream of a new home, you will surely need the help of a contractor.
An Oahu Building Contractor will help you budget, research, plan, and deal with other frustrating tasks that you are unable to do alone. However, we have heard from most of the people that hiring a contractor can be an intimidating task. Moreover, most people even assert that the market is filled with inexperienced and new contractors and to find the best one from them is just like finding a needle from a haystack.
So, to help you with this issue, we wrote a simple guide to help you!


The number one recommended step for finding the perfect contractor is to ask your family, friends, and people around you. They will provide you with the information and referrals about various contractors through which they have worked previously. You can use their referrals to reach out to those contractors and even ask your friends and family to let you know about their work quality.

Check their license:

The second most important thing is to check that the Oahu Building Contractor you might be hiring has a proper verified work license. The purpose of this is that you will be able to get to know about how much experience the contractor has and find out if his or her skills qualified enough to work on your project.

Ask them some questions:

It might sound obvious, but having the ability to ask the right questions can make a lot of difference. You should ask about which companies they have worked for and how long their company has been in business (if you are hiring a contractor through a company).
You should even ask them about their permanent address and ask them which latest projects they have worked on. You should even ask them if they have previously worked on similar projects in the past and are they willing to show you that project as well.
Ask them how much cost they may incur during the project!
This is another important thing to take care of because money is the real thing, and it may cause a problem if not discussed properly. Ask the contractor about how much estimated cost they will have to bear, and what additional cost there may be. And how often and when do you have to pay them.

Put everything in writing!

This is the final thing to do! If you have discussed the plan and the cost, then just make a contract and put all those discussed things in writings so that nobody can deny it later. Be sure that both of you agree with the contract before signing it!


Yes, we believe it is a hectic task to find a good contractor, but after completing the above-mentioned steps, you can easily find the right man for the job! We hope this article helped in answering all your questions and you will consider R. Clary Builders to be the best Oahu Building Contractor!

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